Para Club Namur

Aérodrome de Namur - Paraclub de namur

The Paraclub Namur is a professional and welcoming dropzone, whose reputation goes beyond the borders of Belgium.

Our vocational school welcomes parachutists of all levels, from novices who want to taste the pleasures of extreme sports in complete safety by a tandem jump, or by a first flight supervised by experienced instructors, to more experienced parachutists.

Our center, equipped with a parachute park equipped with security systems that will suit everyone, also consists of a packing hall and a cafeteria with terrace, allowing us to accommodate visiting parachutists and their companions.

Tandem jump

The tandem jump, entirely led by your instructor, is the easiest way to discover the parachute jump, from 10 to 99 years old. The ultimate in adrenaline for everyone.
The goal: 50 seconds of vertiginous free fall hanging on your monitor which will immerse you in a world of unique and extreme sensations, at more than 200km/h! And 5 to 6 minutes under sail to admire the landscape as you never imagined.
Upon arrival, your family and friends are in awe and completely dumbfounded.
Yes, you have to live it!

Let yourself be tempted and register now for a tandem free fall, the extreme sport accessible to all!

Discovery jump

Where the tandem jump allows you to get a good idea of what the extreme sensations of free skydiving can be, discovering the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) jump, during which you jump alone, is a step more towards even stronger sensations.
At the end of an initial half-day training course, you take a free fall jump accompanied by two qualified instructors who keep you in a stable position during the free fall.

Then, at 1500 meters, your parachute opens, the instructors let you master the descent under sail; you are guided by radio for a soft landing.
Let yourself be tempted and register now for an accompanied free fall, extreme sport accessible to all!