Cap Vol à Voile

Aérodrome de Namur - Cap Vol à Voile

Cap Vol à Voile is a club dedicated to the practice of flying in its purest form, gliding…
It is an unusual discipline that is inspired by gliding birds that use updrafts to gain altitude.
We offer flights discovered in pure or motorized gliders but above all, we are a flight school for gliders.
It is possible with us, to discover air sports with a very reasonable budget and to progressively evolve on more and more powerful machines.
For two years now, we have been able to offer the discovery of engine flight thanks to our motor gliders and thus launch you into the adventure of the airplane …
We fly during the good season, all weekends and holidays and we organize courses during the holiday periods.
To discover this magical world, you just need to contact us or show up on a Saturday morning in the field and a few minutes later, you will be ready for the first takeoff of your life!

Email : – Téléphone : +32 474-36 74 16